Integration with

At Cut the Mustard, we are specialists in all kinds of bespoke software development. One of the platforms we work with is Simpro, the leading total business management software for commercial and residential trade service businesses. Simpro helps with managing your quotes, jobs, scheduling and invoicing. We have developed a number of complementary applications that work with Simpro to help companies with their specific needs. We’re also happy to talk to you about how we can help make Simpro work better for your company. As Simpro partners, we have access to their APIs (Application Program Interfaces) – effectively we can “talk” to their system. We can send and receive data which we can process on our systems. This means that we can add features or link Simpro to other software via their APIs. Check out the integrations we have created for use with Simpro below or contact us to speak to us about a bespoke development.

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Easy RAMS Creation

Our integration with Simpro makes creating and managing Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) much easier. The system links with Simpro so you can see all your jobs and can choose which ones to create RAMS for. Your team can also access our system to digitally sign the RAMS and add additional hazards if needed. The completed RAMS are then attached back to the job in Simpro. Click here for a more detailed video.

Making Gantt Charts easier to create.

In Simpro, you will find that Gantt Charts can be created for projects based on Cost Centres and tasks associated with those Cost Centres. With Simpro, you can cost centres using task templates, but this assumes that all your jobs have the same steps. If you have jobs where the cost centres change, then try our software. It lets you automatically create tasks for the whole job on a single screen so you can allocate staff and add start and end dates. Once you are happy, you click a button and those tasks are created in Simpro. If you need to edit the tasks, you can do that in our software as well.